OMG Patricia…some of the things you said were a relief and made me chuckle, because it was as if I was writing your words. I am the cant sleep, lay in bed with a flashlight, vacuuming tweaker. I found bed bugs in my 12-yr old sons room about 5 months ago and freaked out! I anonymously informed his school and told my neighbors (yes I live in a 26 unit condo) upstairs and on the other side of my bedroom wall. Both of them denied seeing anything in there own units. The building next door (which is on the other side of a fence outside of my frontroom, sons room and my room) they have had several issues in the past with BB. I know this because they have stuck there BB infested matresses outside on the curb for all the world to see. I am very anal retentive and keep a very clean house. I DONT DO BUGS OF ANYKIND!!! and knowing that there is a blood sucking bug crawling on my body at night…UGH!!!!!!!! AND like you, I am allergic, so my bites welt badly and have blistered. Its horrible and noticable to others, therefore embarrassing!. The sleepness nights and the tearss I have shed…
Anyway, I started with bug spray, no. then I ordered cedar cide (expensive) and noticed that the were no more bugs. Then they came back! I ordered the tri jet fogger and did the whole house and a week later again as instructed and have diotomaceous earth along the base boards etc. It have been a week 1/2 and I havent seen anything (and trust me, I, like you, know how to look) but then a couple days ago I woke up with a bite!!!!! I have a beautiful place and I used to love to be at home…now I dont even want to go home. The minute I walk in the door I have anxiety and start itching. If one of my hairs touches my face or neck…FORGET IT…Im itching the rest of the night until the benadryl kicks in that I know have a habbit of taking every night so I dont scratch my skin of from my nerve hives that come and go.


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