I believe you are being much too hard on me. I profoundly disagree with your analogy. There is a huge difference between the Dynavector cartridges. Any person with healthy hearing can observe them, not just audiophiles, and no one in audio would dispute this. There are even audible differences between the exact same models because of mechanical tolerances.In contrast, there are many audio "objectivists", such as Peter Aczel of the Audio Critic (plus Arny Krueger's "gang"), who claim there are no definitive audible differences between ANY CD players "properly designed", no matter what the price and technology and, further, they also claim that there is no advantage to a SACD compared to even a MP3.I have no personal experience with the Oppo players, but some of my associates have had experience with a variety of their players, and multiple readers have also sent me their observations over the years. This is why I placed the players in that category, but no higher. I believe they are a safe choice and a Reference for that category, but nothing more than that.I will post your letter for perspective, but I can't believe your last statement about "thinking you were listening to 100% analog". Of the digital players I've heard, only the APL modified Esoteric player I now have rarely reaches that standard, though I realize that my analogue experiences may be very different than yours.


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