Your post hit me hard because you and I joined the fight around the same era, although I have 15 years seniority on that, and it hurts that you, after all the courage and efforts you have shown in the past are now passing the torch, so to speak. But, please, do not feel that you are not a part of the present… and I have a lot of vim and vigor left to teach those younger than we, to set an example of defiance in the face of injustice and to encourage all to lift their voices and not be afraid to speak the truth. We shall not be cowed into subservience by the powers that be. You, my friend have given much and still have much to give….so, how about it? Lift those spirits (bottle or otherwise), be positive and know how much we will benefit from your wise counsel. Additionally, we cannot let Dane down…he deserves all the support we can give him in his fight to save us from ourselves.


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