MORE CALLING ON MONITOR PASS.... Next morning I did some more coyote calling near my camp in theMonitor Pass area. I went West of camp and gave it a try. After about 15 minutes, the only critter I saw was abig old marmot. All I could see was his head above the rock. Well, after another five minutes, I decided totake revenge on "Son of Blueberry Cobbler". About 10 years ago, Mary Ann and I were on a 22 daybackpacking trip up in the High Sierras. On about day 20, with very little food left and at Sky Blue Lake,Mary Ann fixed our next to last "Good Meal" which was a blueberry cobbler. She mixed the water inand set it near camp in the shade with a big rock on top to protect it from the critters. Well, when we gotback from fishing, a big fat blue-faced marmot had eaten every bit the blueberry cobbler. I ran him off, butnow a chance for revenge. At the crack of my old Sako 243 Win and the 95 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip, I head thesplat. Then when I recover the sight picture, I saw the decapitated body of the marmot roll off the rock.


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