As one of your more recent "private" graduates (Monday.), I am compelled to write you both this letter of sincere thanks. McAir is a first class operation with a first class staff. You saw both my children through multiple programs and stages and now finally, after 30 years of wanting to get here, got their old man through it as well.

To Luke & Danny (the cornerstones of the desk) - your ongoing assistance, great attitudes and sense of humor make coming in those front doors a thing to look forward to.

To Justin Wigal - way to go buddy! You taught me one of the more essential skill sets of flying- the art of breathing. (I'll look forward to meeting your dad someday.)

And most notably, to Bill Elliot. You did it Bill. You got this old man through the program despite those rather noteworthy curve balls I was being tossed. Your patience and motivation are the attributes to which this achievement can be based. Yes, you are my instructor, but you are also my friend and a friend to the entire Serani clan.

Way to go McAir! If you ever need a testimonial to your program from an entire family of pilots who came through those programs, please feel free to call on any of us.


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