Hi Everyone, I checked out photos of the west coast. And you know what…from spraying the ocean and the west to east wind here in CA, the San Joaqin Valley (the salad bowl for all the country) is loaded with the spray. It even gets ridges from the microwaving. Maybe you can use this in convincing others that this problem is real. The mountains along the coast are at sea level. The spray just goes right over them but then gets caught in the gully along the Sierras and the particles are stuck there until they go into the ground. In every picture the valley is coated even when the sky in CA is clear and the spray is over WY, UT.
Another thing is that you have a bit of a north wind blowing down the valley. Bakersfield is one of the deadliest cities. When they were talking about Beijing, Bakersfield also came to light. Now of course a lot of that is the farm chemicals but then you have the geo-engineering spray on top of that. I would test people in the north end of the San Joaquin and then test people in the south end, in Bakersfield if you can find any. If not regular citizens, then the big prison down there. They keep those people bottled up but still the outside air comes in eventually. I am betting high levels will even show in prisoners. Maybe check their healths and mental states, death rates. Check the statistics in all the people there then between the prisoners and citizens. Maybe you can use that info in argument against the sociopathic. I will bet those people are getting a mega dose.


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