now I understand why we had, some days ago, very cold nights and warm afternoons. We had an extremely dry Winter in the first weeks and the same for the Autumn in the last weeks. The beginning of Winter, until 16 of January, was very atypical; very dry and with ZERO winds. 15 of January they start to announce that the Polar cold was about to come ( in radio ), and it was true, in the night of 15 the wind began to blow, strong. Temperatures dropped 4 to 6 degrees Celsius in the following 3 or 4 days and nights ( amazing what they can do with the haarp "magical" F antennas ). In the 19 th of January I was outside during the morning and I could notice one thing that is very uncommon these days; in my region 6 planes crossed the sky without spraying, from 8 to 11 h A.M. And for some minutes I fell into the temptation of believing that the "change" of chairs in the US could bring good winds of HOPE about the GE issue. After 11 A.M. they start spraying, and until 25 of January it was possible to see every day 2 or 3 planes passing over my region, here in Europe, without spraying. But more or less 3 dozens passed leaving the F sprays, all days. 24 of January they start announcing that big rains for a weak or more were coming. And it was true; they started spraying like HELL in the 25 of January and in 26 strong rain started to fall at dawn. Since the 25 of the current month we are being sprayed with incredible quantities of the DAMN aerosols. They give rain for 10 days. Incredible what they can do with their "magic" neo-fascist and deadly powders. Before 26 we had days with temperatures of 20 or 21 º C for sure.


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