England you your laws and your lies. I studied this country it’s laws the way people live here. The way services operate esp the NHS and English SS. I’m German and not proud of what Hitler did to other EU countries. Germany has drastically changed since. If doctor make patient died that doctor goes to jail as it is criminal matter for the police. If social worker fabricate paper work that social worker goes to jail. After years of living and learning about England I realised the government in England has adopted many ideas from Hitler, Child trafficking, NHS care pathways, freedom of speech only on topics the government want you to speak about. And many many more. Out of all crimes against own people British government has committed. Crime number one braking international human rights law is Child trafficking British government carries on against both its own citizens and foreign nationals. When the time comes I pray you the English wake up and will bring all those corrupted bend judges corrupted MPs and police to justice and for worst crimes before court in Nurenberg, and those evil inhuman nazi traitors should be hanged by neck until death served upon them.


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