An important insight into the very essence, purpose and higher spiritual objectives of the Original Teachings of TheWay is contained in an article in the Encyclopedia Britannica under the heading, The History of Christian Mysticism, where it reads: . What is expressed in these words is of the utmost importance. Why? Because the original teachings of Jesus was not the blind faith and belief in a prophet or god-man -- but rather, the means to transform all Christian disciples of TheWay into prophets and mystics as demonstrated in the words: . But, we must then pose the question: Just what is a Like an astronaut who travels beyond the limits of the earth's atmosphere into outer space, a spiritual religion prepares the seeker/disciple to transcend the barrier of this physical world, and enter into what the biblical authors portrayed as the Kingdom of God which Jesus taught was within us. But to accomplish this spiritual transcendence, you had to first prepare the physical body to make it an environment that would permit to be brought about -- and this requires a great amount of effort and preparation. Which reality created a great divide among the Christians from the second century onward -- i.e., there was the Christians who called themselves Orthodox who were Fundamentalists who believed in a god-man; and there were the Spiritual Christians who embraced the Transformative Power of the Gospel Teachings, and through the process of , became Anointed and received the Sacred Knowledge or Divine Manna of the Kingdom which can only be conveyed to those whose mind are prepared to receive this Higher Knowledge. A Higher Knowledge which Paul warned the faith-based Christians could not receive because they were spiritually immature, and of an level of consciousness (see Organic Man Ruled Over By His Lower Animal Nature ).


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