Unionists are the successors of those who opposed Home Rule in the nineteenthcentury, and eventually settled for the state of Northern Ireland. Themain unionist parties are the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP), which formedall governments from 1921 to 1972; and the more recently established DemocraticUnionist Party (DUP), which is more populist, more anti-nationalist, butless popular in electoral support. Both are opposed to the involvementof the Irish Republic in Northern Ireland, and are unwilling to share executivepower with non-Unionist parties. They also share a suspicion of Britain'scommitment to the union. The DUP holds all these positions more extremelythan the UUP, and also is more preoccupied with the power of the Catholicchurch. In 1994 the leader of the UUP was James Molyneaux, and Ian Paisleyled the DUP.


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