Although World War 1 was tragic and all wars since then have been tragic they are minuscule in comparison to the Un-Civil War of 1860 . Where 1 in 4 soldiers never returned home and 1 in 12 returned home without a limb or blind . Where neighbors joined and fought side by side with neighbors , so entire communities would lose a generation of men .
This young nation of 30 million had 6% of the population either dead or wounded. To tally all conflicts since then and you cannot reach even 1% of population. The ability to kill has grown exponentially. The old standby for killing in the next Un-Civil War will be the nemesis named starvation .
The current frothing of hatred toward our current sitting president can only be satiated with blood . Major media outlets are openly calling for the removal of president Trump by any means necessary. Keep preparing like there is no tomorrow because there may not be a tomorrow to come.


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