As more consumer products employ nanotechnology, concerns are increasing regarding potential health effects associated with human exposure to this technology. There is a growing use of compounds or materials that have been produced using nanotechnologies that directly manipulate matter at the atomic level and fabrication of materials that could not have been produced in the past. Although these nanomaterials may have the same chemical composition as non-nanomaterials, at the nanoscale they may demonstrate different physical and chemical properties, and behave differently in the environment and the human body. Members of the U.S. Congress have stated that they recognize nanotechnology as a new technology utilized in the manufacture of consumer products, and that they expect the Commission to review the utilization and safety of its application in consumer products consistent with the Commission’s mission. In support of that mission, CPSC requested additional funding in 2011 to collect data on nanomaterials use in consumer products. Since then, the CPSC budget has grown substantially to support EHS R&D and related projects.


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