Lina has advised on relations between ex-Soviet Union Republics and Western countries and is familiar with the socio-political economic environment and issues of this region. Lina researches and writes on a wide range of topical issues arising from recent and current events on the global scene, and is a frequent speaker and moderator at international meetings and conferences. Her latest publications include articles on crisis management in the Crisis Response Journal. Prior to joining CS&A, she was public relations manager for a large financial institution. She has also held various teaching assignments in Russian political history with Universities and NGOs in Russia. She has been a coordinator of ICONS, the University of Maryland’s on-line strategic conflict resolution and crisis management tool, now brought to the private sector exclusively by CS&A. During her work for Interweek forum (NGO at Novosibirsk State University), she managed all trainings and workshops with up to 1,000 participants every year. She co-ordinated all activities and communication with the Club of Rome, Gorbachev’s Fund, state and local public authorities, various Ministries and NGOs, the World Bank, and The Russian Parliament, among others. Lina holds an MA Degree in History (Novosibirsk State University, Russia), a Post-graduate Degree in International and European Relations (Amsterdam School of International Relations, the Netherlands) and a Post-graduate Degree in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management (Leicester University, UK). She also holds certificates from the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) on peacekeeping and international conflict resolution, global terrorism, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, international humanitarian law, and negotiation of financial transactions.


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