The concepts of man's reality that Jesus conveyed and taught his disciples, laid the foundational paradigm to bring about spiritual growth and development that evolved the seeker/disciple into a state of Absolute Enlightened Knowing -- with Jesus stating to those he taught: . Which provokes the question: What about those who embrace the opinions of the various Christian group -- and are therefore faithful to the man-made dogma of various sects and Churches? Will these man-made doctrines ? Or provide the salvation they seek? At the end of the Book of Luke (24:48) it is written: . , could not be made at the beginning of the Gospel of Luke, because the minds of the disciples had yet to be properly prepared to receive and comprehend the higher knowledge of the Soul and the Kingdom of God. In the same way that a fetus cannot emerge out of it's mother's womb a fully matured adult, neither can the entry-level Christian comprehend the spiritual meaning of the Gospel, or the life they are presently living. And the fact that many people can't even begin to recall the previous lives their Soul has lived, is because their thinking, mindset and lifestyle has caused them to be victims of arrested mental development that has brought about the condition of .


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