I respect all opinions, and I will state mine now:
as a 1984 born Romanian, I have very few memories of the communism, but clearly there are some things now that are not right:
First of all, the political system. As you all maybe read on the internet, lots of our politicians are in prison for corruption. All this people are stealing from the government income, from our taxes, and buy nice cars and big houses.
And when it comes to building roads, hospitals, or other social buildings types, they complain they dont have enough money.
Romania would be a richer and happier country if they would not touch the Total Government Income and distribute it wisely.
When the americans decided to push through the democracy into Eastern Europe, the were happy to set locals in key government positions so that the change will go smooth.
Now they left these beast untamed, and they started to act like kings, subduing the poor people who are millions in Romania. They live by the minimum salary, 233€ for God sake!
Take into account that almost 50% of our products (food, electronics, etc) are imported, so the prices are the same or even higher than in Western Europe, so now you have the complete picture of our so-called-democracy-for-the-rich-only !


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