If the animals are happy, why are we complaining??"Emmy, 12, Brighton, England"Well, we keep dogs and cats and birds etc as pets, so I don't understand why zoos are so much more different?"Sophie, 13, Eastbourne, England"I think zoos are great, but I think that keeping animals in small enclosures is wrong and they should have bigger enclosures."Emily, 11, Birmingham, England"I think zoos are great, because without them scientists would find it a lot harder to learn about the animals and how to look after them properly and to keep them safe."Carys, 10, Newcastle-Under-Lyme"I think it is wrong to keep animals in captivity."Edward, 11, Ripon, England"I don't like zoos, because animals should not be in cages; they should live in the wild where their families are."Teilo, 6, London, England"I think animals should be out in the wild, free and able to run without everybody taking pictures of them, because I wouldn't like it if that was me."Alisha, 9, County Antrim, Northern Ireland"Zoos are OK, but safari parks are better because the animals get to roam the grounds and are NOT kept in cages - except on a night, but the cages are HUGE!!!"Lily, 11, Liverpool, England"I'm in the middle.


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