When drivers pack together and refuse to allow anyone to slip in ahead ofthem, unfortunately they will take turns getting "stuck in the theatredoorway," and they slow down everyone behind them as well. When trafficis heavy, TRYING to drive faster can often cause stoppages, whileintentionally driving non-aggressively can sometimes "flip" the stoppagesinto orderly single-file merge-patterns. (How often have you watchedsome idiot trying to drive fast in congested traffic, yet after manyminutes they've only gained a few car lengths? So-called "fast" drivingis not fast! If it causes traffic jams, then "fast" driving is actuallyFAR slower than patient, polite driving.) Also, "slow" driving is notslow! If we refuse to constantly switch lanes, refuse to push ahead andclose up gaps, refuse to participate in stop-and-go wave cycles, thensuddenly a traffic jam can spontaneously vanish.


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