Hello Nicole,
I just stumbled onto your website by God’s good grace. After reading much of your website I am convinced that my implants are keeping me from healing since I have been on a Nutrional Balancing Program (hair testing, near infra red sauna detoxing, coffee enemas, strict paleo like diet and supplements) for four years and many symptoms remain. Like most that write you, my symptoms are endless. I will be using one of the doctors you recommend in Bellevue Washington. I don’t belong to any social medias like facebook so I was hoping you could tell me if the MAJORITY of the women who have had the implants completely removed (including the capsule tissue) and followed a good detox program felt better? I know my breasts will look horrible after since I can’t afford to do the fat replacement thing but I sure would take omelet looking boobies over ALL the crappy symptoms I have 🙂


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