wow this is helpful i read like 20 articles no one said how many drops, but now but i’m still stumped, little of a hour ago one of my silkes head start to tilt knew it was the beginning of wry( they are almost 5 weeks old just 2)so i just go back form the store just a litle bit ago with the poly, fond this blog, i tried my best to get some inside its beak im not sure if i got any in i just seemed to make a mess all over us, since she kept trying to jerk out of my hand like carzy. now the neck is worse and it wont stop freaking out so i am freaking out. i dont want it worse i want it the same or better. i still see it eating i dont know about drinking since it just started theywere both fine when i woke up but i will try to give it some more ploy in a few hours like u said. if u have and helpful advice that would be welcomed….


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