Take a look at my answer to Robb.
1919 was almost a century ago, situation then was completely different to what it is now. The October Revolution triumph was newly minted and they were already showing their dark side. France was still a world power (militarily) with many colonies (few of which amount to much after a century has passed). The World was at it most violent point while French was the language of diplomacy. WWI was entirely a European thing. WWII was also an entirely European thing, until the US was dragged in to help its ally, England, saving Europe´s ass in the process. So much for diplomacy. The US also saved the Jewish people´s ass, when most of Europe, if not all, wanted them exterminated (they still do).
The British did everything in their power to come on top, so did Germany, France, Spain, etc. they just happen to actually wind up on top. Ingenious little bastards.
Regarding the return on the investment, are you actually saying that the return on the investment with English was poor? Really? Come on! look at the map.
Little England begot: The USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada just to mention a few. What did France, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc. begot? Anything good?
A failure of diplomacy. Well let´s see: The Berlin Wall, the Cold War, nuclear warheads in the Caribbean, should I go on?
But my point is that whether I am in agreement with all that or not.
IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LANGUAGE. It was an entirely human thing, it would have happened the same way if other languages were spoken by the same players.
So do not kill the messenger!
Look forward to the future, it looks better and brighter than ever before. In any language. (Well not Arabic)
I also want to thank you, and Robb, and all the others. You convinced me. I am going to learn Esperanto all over again! So that I can enlighten those Esperantists that still do not know the true.
It will be better with English!
PD. And Remuŝ, that is just propaganda, they do not answer any question nor they present real supporting evidence for any of their statements. it is just like religion and communism, they offer a lot, they give nothing and you have to believe in what they say, on faith!


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