However, even the mighty Chewbacca was not immune to failures, and he soon became another captive of Trandoshan slavers. Tvrrdko, still bitter over his son's death, betrayed Chewbacca and sold him to the Trandoshan slaver . Ssoh had devised a method of transporting Wookiees safely without fear of them escaping. The Trandoshan made sure to mix different Wookiee clans in the holding cells so that their vendettas would keep each other from escaping. When Chewbacca was thrown in Ssoh's holding cell, several Wookiee families including the , , and clans immediately began to question his allegiances. Chewbacca had become disgusted with the Wookiee rivalries and how they had kept the Wookiees trapped in slavery. In an impassioned speech, Chewbacca convinced the other Wookiees that it was better to die a free Wookiee than be concerned about honor as a slave. With help from the now allied Wookiees, Chewie fashioned a , cut open their prison, and took over the ship. Ssoh became the only Trandoshan to live after a hand-to-hand battle with Chewbacca after the enraged Wookiee ripped his arms and his legs out of their sockets.


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