I had a magnificent experience with my lawyer, Mr. Chen Zhang with theWhen we met my H-1B Visa was about to expire in about 18 months. He spoke to me and shared my options which were to allow my institution to apply for my permanentresidency or apply for myself through the national interest waiver. I applied for the national interest waiver and the case was approved! At that time my H1 time periodhad almost ended. To allow me permission to stay and work here in the USA, Mr. Zhang spoke to my director and advised him to file for an O-1 Visa (for individuals with extraordinary ability) for me. We did that and using premium processing. After extensive research Mr. Zhang proved the extraordinary abilities of a High school Science Teacher and my case was approved again. In a nutshell, both of my petitions were approved in a timely manner and there was no break in my status. Because of his knowledge, insight, expertise and effective aptitude I am forever grateful to Mr. Zhang and I give him my highest endorsement for alllegal matters related to immigration.


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