A keen diver himself, Max Van Brauge has taken the nautical world of one of Jules Verne’s most famous books – 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea – published in 1871 – as the inspiration for his Giant Squid Diver Watch. The name of the watch refers to the dramatic passage in the novel when Captain Nemo’s ship The Nautilus is attacked by The Giant Squid, or Kraken as it is known in ancient mythology. The sea monster attempts to take down the ship with its giant tentacles. Stories of The Kraken date back to Medieval Norway, when it was said that the sea creature could also create treacherous whirlpools (maelstrom) to suck a boat down. Despite its illusions to old sea tales, Jules Verne’s book has also been described as ground breaking early Science Fiction. Indeed many details in the book, even the fact that the ship is a type of submarine, and his description of diving suits, prophesies future inventions. Max Van Brauge’s takes these nineteenth century imaginings of the great French writer and infuses them into real articles of quality and beauty.


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