Being a new parent is so hard and you feel so, so vulnerable so when someone does something different from you then you immediately think that a) they think you are doing wrong b) you get a niggling doubt you are doing it wrong and then c) you get super defensive. The sleep deprivation, hormones and the endless questioning in your head about what to do with this tiny creature are a cocktail ripe for this and stuff said via text or whatsapp or facebook etc can be taking wildly out of context and hurt feelings ensue. I just keep taking a deep breath and reminding myself that every parent is different and every baby is different and what works for one person won’t work for us and that there is NOTHING at all wrong with this. We are all just fumbling our way through trying to find the right path. Everyone makes mistakes (my sister trying to take selfies with newborn baby just after she had bottle and baby quite rightly puked on her, hehe) but you know what the fact that we worry about doing the right thing tells us that we are because all we want and the end of the day is what is best for those little babies and our families. I remember feeling so judged and upset because after 2 weeks I ended up bottle feeding my baby and everytime I took the bottle out for months I almost felt like I had to apologise. Now I realise that a lot of that judging was probably in my own head and over a year down the line I have a lot more confidence in how we do things. In life there will always be people who like to feel all superior but you know what when it comes to your own child you will do what is best for them.


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