The movie I chose for this project was "Erin Brockovich". This movie is about how Erin Brockovich becomes a legal assistant without any training and takes down a company polluting the water. This is so trivial because Brockovich is a single mom with no legal experience. This company is trying to cover up the fact that the people living on the land they have polluted have health issues because of them. Brockovich herself just lost her court battle and is not about to let these people suffer without someone getting in trouble for it. I watched this movie more than once and it is one of my favorite Julia Roberts movies. It represents many positive issues. The movie shows that when given a chance someone who does not seem extraordinary can be, that it is positive to be a self motivated and driven women, and that people still want to fight for each other. The most interesting thing about this movie is that it is based off of a real incident. I think that the movie shows great aspects of the law and when looked at it in a psychological point of view it is also interesting. I have never watched it thinking about the psychological aspects until the last time for class. It was interesting realizing the things that I missed by not looking into that aspect of the chain of events. Over all this was a very impressive movie that is exciting and well put together. I will suggest everyone watch it.


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