Trotsky's own position was that the USSR is a degenerate worker's state ruled by ruthless terrorand murder. Nevertheless, it was a state that had abolished private property, and that in everyone'sminds (regardless of the Kremlin's real maneuvers) represented the possibility of socialism and thefinal bulwark against fascism. Therefore, world capitalism, and especially fascism, sought to crushthe USSR. Hitler's conquest of the USSR would mean not just the end of Stalin but the restorationof capitalism and would deal not only the USSR but the entire world a shattering blow and set backthe clock of history for an entire epoch. Thus the USSR merits support and defense against invasionin spite of Stalin. Trotsky opposed the "plague on both your houses" attitude held by manyintellectuals who would self-righteously withdraw from the real world and simply equate the USSRwith Nazi Germany. Trotsky did not only look at the form of political organization of society, butto its history, its motive forces, its material basis, and particularly its economic organization. Trotskydid not think that terror regimes float on air, reflecting only the will and whims of the rulers, lastingforever. Trotsky would have rejected the convergence theory; in fact he did reject its embryonicversions of the 1930s.


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