With the night came the rehearsal of the wondrous doings of thegods. These tales may not be told in the daytime. Old Man wouldnot like that, and would cause any one who narrated them while itwas light to become blind. All Indians are natural orators, butsome far exceed others in their powers of expression. Their attitudes,gestures, and signs are so suggestive that they alone would enableone to understand the stories they relate. I have seen these story-tellersso much in earnest, so entirely carried away by the tale they wererelating, that they fairly trembled with excitement. They held theirlittle audiences spell-bound. The women dropped their half-sewnmoccasin from their listless hands, and the men let the pipe goout. These stories for the most part were about the ancient godsand their miraculous doings. They were generally related by theold men, warriors who had seen their best days. Many of them arerecorded in this book. They are the explanations of the phenomenaof life, and contain many a moral for the instruction of youth.


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