Their Christian Majesties le Roi Louis XVI, et Marie Antoinette de Lorraine de d’Autriche were declared martyrs of our Holly Faith by His Holiness Pope Pius XIX, which does mean that they are considered saints. The only one who will be beatified soon, is Her Royal Higness Madame Élisabeth de France, the younger sister of King Louis XVI. One miracle was recently recognized by the Vatican Comission, Pope Benedict XVI was preparing a declaration of Beatification when he resigned to the throne of Saint Peter. Your knowledge of French history and the revolution is almost zero, I will not answer your insults to the memory of a wonderful man and king, who paid with his life all the mistakes of his grandfather Louis XV. Fist learn French then you may give a more accurate opinion of French history and the horrors of the revolution. I teach European history and I had dedicated almost 45 years to learn it, and being an old European and coming from a family whose roots are as old as 800 years I have plenty of information in my personal archives and library about the events that drove France to that Anti Catholic revolution, which in fact was a precedent with their own genocide for Lenin, Stalin, Hilter, Mao and Pol Pot, a très bientôt Ludwig ReichsFreiherr von Wetzler zu Plankenberg


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