Please remove or at least reduce any Master ("main") Output compression/limiting/maximizing effects intended simply to boost the volume of your mixdowns. It seems everyone these days wants to make their sound louder and louder so they put as much compression as possible on the master output. Once you've done this, there's nothing we can do in mastering to undo the compression side effects. If you resist the urge to make it as loud as you can get it and let your mastering facility adjust your final track volumes then we can make it loud enough in a way that avoids the bad side-effects of strong master output compression and keeps more of a sense of natural dynamics and punchiness. True artists know that does not necessarily equal . Concentrate on making a good, solid, clean mix and let us set the final track volume during mastering. Don't worry - we'll make sure your final volumes are consistent with the industry standard levels for your genre.


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