I try many different types of medical malpractice cases and I am licensed in New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts. In preparing for my medical cases, I have used many different companies that provide referrals for medical experts. I can say without a doubt that AMFS has provided me with the absolute best service compared to any other company. The staff at AMFS has always been very attentive to my needs and questions. They always respond very promptly to my inquires and my requests. AMFS does more than simply communicate through email or provide the name of an expert to be used in a specific case. The people at AMFS take the time to actually speak with me over the phone, answer my questions, provide advice and whatever assistance I may need in my medical cases. AMFS has always connected me with a highly competent medical expert whenever I had a quick question that needed to be answered. It has been very clear to me that the people at AMFS actually care not only about the success of my case as a trial lawyer but also about helping my clients obtain justice. Thanks to the efforts, professionalism, competence and courtesy of the AMFS staff, my medical cases have gone very well and my clients have been given the best chances of winning. I cannot recommend a better company. AMFS is the best that I have worked with.


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