But maybe they will. I talked to Sprout's co-director Scott Randall, who says there are more movies to choose from every year (Di Salvo notes an increase in movies about autism and Asperger's, in particular, a positive correlation to increased diagnosis). And the dialogue at Sprout was so impassioned and engaged and just plain correct that it feels like some kind of burgeoning -– with cultural sensitivity seeming to increase by the day, it's inconceivable that this kind of fairness won't break through. What we talked about at Sprout was basic civil rights. Maybe the general tone of optimism has infiltrated my brain, but it's hard for me to interpret the way Sprout and its attendees handled people with disabilities as anything but the future. Sprout is the avant garde of tolerance discourse. This radical thinking requires no stretch of imagination, just a little heart. Willowbrook is subtitled "The Last Great Disgrace" in reference to the way we treat the disabled. I just can't believe that we'll be disgraces forever.


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