One person said that in their early years they zoned out in class a lot and got told off. They were not bored, just disconnected and focuses on something on the classroom wall for a long time. Later it was like knowing an apple was on a tree, but suddenly being unable to express it the way they were instructed to by their teachers. Things like chemistry, maths and foreign processes were pure hell for them because they understood things quickly, but lost it half way through because they suddenly could not hear some of what was being said (like the volume had been reduced), or, at the last moment. Like walking in on half a conversation. This person could see logic, but could not translate it. They couldn’t retain and recall any slightly complicated calculation process. They elected to create their own at one point with some success, but were unsupported in this by their teacher who later told them that maths wasn’t their thing. This upset them because they desperately wanted it to be.


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