When the Laws which create a type of Labyrinth in the liRabbi Ovadia Yosefan, the former chief rabbi of Israel -- a religious scholar who was also the spiritual leader of the Shas party -- made the statement that no innocent Jews died in the Holocaust. What Rabbi Yosefan said was that the 6 million Holocaust victims Rabbi Yosefan explained that these souls who had previously lived lives of sin,, what Rabbi Yosefan stated was that as many as 6 million souls were born into a life in Germany where, because of their previous actions, both their lives and their death at the hands of Hitler were all orchestrated by the Laws or God, in order to atone for their own actions which are portrayed as sins in previous lifetimes. Thus, when the Laws of God are properly understood, the life of each person in the present has been orchestrated by their own past -- and in the present each person (and groups of people) are creating their future lives that they will inherit based upon their own actions or inaction.


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