As always, I enjoyed the romance and the back story of Beth was pretty fascinating to me as well. The story took us back into history and that really added to this installment for me. Sand's world building has always been interesting to me, with the use of Atlantis for the reasons behind their immortality. She doesn't do a big info dump, but manages to work just enough information into the story for those people newly reading about this world. Very much appreciated by me!An immortal reluctant to claim his life mate, a mysterious villain determined to kill Beth, dangerous cases that the group is working, and great characters, all came together to form this good read, or in this case, listen. Narrator, Michael Rahhal, did an amazing job with accents and his female voices were actually quite well done. One particular funny scene featuring Donny and coffee was done so well by the narrator that I was laughing out loud. So narration was a five star for me. This series is a must read/listen for me. Given 4 stars by .


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