6th International Psychoanalytic Congress held at the Hague (the first after the War)
1921: Publishes 'Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego'
1923 'The Ego and the Id' deals with a new account of the structure of the mind, revising the 'conscious/pre-conscious/ unconscious' distinction to be found in 'The Interpretation of Dreams'
Main theories Sigmund Freud developed:
Seduction Theory
The Unconscious
Dream Analysis
Psychosexual Development/ Infantile Sexuality/Psyche
Death Drive
Psychoanalysis/ Defense Mechanisms
Seduction Theory
a repressed memory of an early childhood sexual abuse or molestation experience was the essential precondition for hysterical or obsessional symptoms, with the addition of an active sexual experience up to the age of eight for the latter.
This theory requires two conditions:


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