Intervacc announced that it is now proceeding in the development of a vaccine against infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus. A method has been developed that significantly simplifies and streamlines the production of components included in a new vaccine, INV412, against S. aureus infections. The vaccine candidate INV412 consists of several fused proteins and has been developed using the new method. Several of the components included in previous studies have resulted in protective antibodies. The concept behind INV412 is a development of the strategy used for Strangvac®, Intervacc's vaccine against strangles in the horse. Mastitis (udder infection) on cows is a global problem and is often caused by S. aureus, and the primary target group for Intervacc will be cows when the effect of INV412 has been documented. The costs related to mastitis are estimated annually to amount to approximately 200 MSEK only in Sweden and in the US approximately 4500 MSEK. The need for a vaccine to complement other preventive measures is very large.


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