Yet despite this appeal, Selim still refrained from recognizing Napoleon's title, though he would have liked. The fact was that Selim feared the military and naval power of Britain and Russia who, he reasoned, were far more capable at the time of backing up their wishes with force than was Napoleon. Therefore, Selim told Brune that he could not recognize Napoleon's title until the other powers did. Brune immediately threatened to leave Constantinople if Selim kept up his refusal and if he continued to allow Russian warships to pass through the Straits. This response prompted Selim to think of reconsidering, but Italinsky quickly warned him that the slightest change in the Ottoman Empire's conduct would be an affront to the Tsar. He was backed up in this threat by the British ambassador. As a result, Brune left Constantinople, However, this did not completely sever French diplomatic relations with the Porte. Brune had left Pierre Ruffin, his subordinate charge d'affaires, to continue in his place.


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