Roasting requires a skill set somewhere between art and science. Roasters need to have a strong attention to detail, excellent sensory skills and sensory memory, and a love of all things coffee. These traits differentiate between good roasters and great ones. The goal in coffee roasting is to enhance the qualities of the green coffee beans and to develop them to their fullest potential. For example, we might try to tame a coffee's acidity while accentuating its citric flavor, or we might try to bring out the in a coffee while also enhancing its natural chocolate notes. As our roasters will tell you, the process is both challenging and extremely rewarding. Each batch of roasted coffee is tested with an roast analyzer to scientifically test the classification of the roast. The system is common in the Specialty Coffee Industry and the rating system is from 0.0 points (darkest) to 100 points (lightest). These samples are also "cupped" to ensure that the flavor matches our specifications and to provide our customers with consistency.


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