In 1770, under the reign of Carlos III, a general reform of the Spanish Universities took place. Although this reform was not fully consolidated at the time, during the following decades the changes were remarkable. From the beginning of the 19th Century until 1857, the old University, which had been dominated by the peculiarities and the scholastic spirit and characterised by a certain independence was transformed into a lay, liberal and centralised University. In the midst of this transformation lawyers and doctors were trained. Later on, and also during this Century, technical studies became increasingly important. The University of Valladolid, located in a medium-size city with liberal trends, has increased rapidly its number of students, and is now the largest University in the Region of Castile and Leon. In the present academic year 2011-2012 it has 25,000 students and more than 2,500 professors distributed throughout the University centres of the four provinces.


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