“Desire is Tennessee Williams driving force,” agrees Mullins. “All the characters in Glass Menagerie desire something else and are trying to escape their current situation in order to get it. The yearning for something that cannot quite yet be seen but that one knows is out there is a beautiful space to explore and swim around in for an audience. Williams never loses his characters in the lyricism or in sentimentality. His language and worlds are also brutal, cruel and shocking. As an actor it is a gift to be able to immerse yourself in this world and this production does a fantastic job of immersing the audience in the world as well. It is incredibly beautiful to look at and all the elements of sound, light and film projection have been delicately interwoven with the text and performances. There is a warmth and a humor to the production that I think enable an audience to enter the play and invest in all the characters and the journey they are taking the audience on.”


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