I read this list this morning as my husband was leaving to work out of town 6 days a week to provide for our family. He works a dangerous job,most would not even consider working in his industry. As I read the list I was mentally checking off to see if I had missed any of them while he was here for the short 36 hours that he is each week. I found y post uplifting and encouraging. I am printing it off as a reminder everyday to do things as if he were here so that I will honor him even in his absence so that our children will see me respecting him. I also read over the men’s list, I found it right on the money and pray that our children will have marriages that are biblically based and sound!!! I love being a Christian wife even though so many degrade me for doing so. I will continue to do so even with the nasty hate mongering, my family is very happy, not without its struggles, very happy non the less. Our children see 2 loving parents who want to please one another and are happy to do what is needed to make that happen (without sacrificing self) which is NOT what this list speaks of doing!!! Thank you Jennifer!!!


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