Embodied human consciousness developed in the crucible of the currentice age, the 2 – 3 million year period of cyclic alternations between long, dry, coldglacial phases and short, wet, warm interglacial phases. During this period, brain sizeincreased in the hominid line (7). However, everything we consciously know aboutconsciousness is a product of the highly literate, self-aware historical period thatcoincides with the end of the current interglacial phase of the earth’s climatecycle. The historical record and cultural anthropology shows that modern consciousnessdeveloped from preliterate, primary oral beginning where it was dominated byknowledge-by-empathy (8). Primary oral consciousness likely extended from 100,000’sof years in the past right up to the compact consciousness of the earliest civilizations,4,000 to 6,000 years ago. Since then a more differentiated, individuated consciousnessmore dependent on knowledge-by-analysis has made progressive gains. This contemporarystyle of consciousness, with its strong self-consciousness, has been associated with aburgeoning development of writing, print, and electronic media.


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