Impressed by the ideas of Ichazo, Naranjo propaganda theories Bolivia (but different in some places and stretched to match the new method with the acquisitions of psychoanalysis of Freud) to Esalen then the center of the human potential movement, and convinces him scientist John Lilly (the real figure of this paradoxical character was modeled the fictional protagonist of the film Ken Russell Altered States) to attend a seminar with him ten months to Arica (Chile) held by that Oscar Ichazo. The two pioneers spent seven months in gymnastics, meditation, lectures and experiments described by Lilly in The Center of the Cyclone. After Arica Naranjo, who in turn knows the books of Ouspensky, reflects the material on the Enneagram and compulsions
psychological which is appropriate in the seminar. He sees a correspondence between the pattern of Ichazo, the seven deadly sins of Christianity, the zodiac and various psychological types: the following in preparing its bases Enneagram. As has vowed to Ichazo regard to confidentiality all information obtained in his institute, wrote to him asking permission to teach his version of the doctrine. " Ichazo unresponsive and Naranjo concludes silence is consent and that those who form a school, the SAT (Seekers After Truth: Truth Seekers). Meet at a conference of Pamela Travers (the author Australian who invented Mary Poppins, and student of Gurdjieff) Speeth Kathleen Riordan, the daughter of two direct students of Gurdjieff and d'Orage, who literally grew up inside the Fourth Street from whom he learned his broad knowledge, esoteric level, techniques Gurdjieffian (Sacred Movements, etc.).


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