Classmate Michael Clayton Howery died at his residence in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Following high school where he was active in athletics, Mike settled in South Carolina. He retired as a sale representative for an electrical supply company in Georgetown, South Carolina. Mike was survived by one daughter.
The Central Intelligence Agency admitted there was no imminent threat from weapons of mass destruction at the time of the invasion of Iraq. NASA’s rover Opportunity confirmed that water once drenched its landing area on Mars. The Republic of Ireland banned smoking of tobacco products in all enclosed workspaces, including bars and restaurants. Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Slovenia joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Combat with insurgents and bombing incidents increased within Iraq. The last Oldsmobile came off GM’s assembly line. Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Malta and Cyprus joined the European Union. Massachusetts legalized same-sex marriage in that state. The National World War II Monument was dedicated in Washington, D.C. The United States transferred sovereignty to an interim government in Iraq. Preliminary hearings were conducted in the trial of Sadddam Hussein. Ground breaking for the Freedom Tower took place at Ground Zero in New York City. American Lance Armstrong won a 6th straight Tour de France cycling title – first person to do so. The Statue of Liberty reopened to visitors, but with new security restrictions. Summer Olympics were held in Athens Greece. The Assault Weapons ban in the United States was allowed to expire. Brazil launched its first rocket into space. Osama Bin Laden appeared on Arabic TV to taunt President George Bush about Bush’s victory in Iraq speech. Scott Peterson was found guilty of the murder of Laci Peterson, his wife and received a death sentence in California. Secretary of State Colin Powell resigned his position. NASA’s hypersonic Scramjet reached a speed of approximately 7,000 miles per hour during an unmanned experimental flight. Computer software (programming) giants Oracle and PeopleSoft merged, creating the second largest maker of business applications software. Information technology security company Symantech merged with Veritas Software to create a $13.5 billion (all-stock) transaction. One of the worst natural disasters in recorded history occurred when a massive underwater earthquake created an enormous tsunami in the Indian Ocean region, resulting in more than 200,000 fatalities.


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