Some of the greatest philosophers from Plato to Rene Descartes, Immanuel Kant and George Berkeley have long been telling us the assumption of Materialism is flawed from the outset because we can never have certain knowledge of the physical world and that we can only truly know our own consciousness. That is to say the belief in a material world independent of our consciousness can only ever be assumption, and also one that can never be proven. Modern day philosophers accept this, even those that believe in Materialism. However, though accepting the flaw in the assumption of Materialism, they might counter that the alternative belief Idealism, as mentioned earlier, cannot be proven either. But this is what the mystics and founders of religion have been proving for themselves all through history. The experience of being God is not just the ultimate attainment of life but also the ultimate proof that everything is consciousness. The experience of being God is the experience of the oneness of all things, and the totality of that oneness. Normally we experience ourselves as a part in the all, i.e. as a physical human body in a vast physical universe. In the experience of being God we become the all and the physical universe including our physical bodies is then seen to be illusory. We become the all that is God, and experience that which we really are. In this state it is realized that it is we ourselves who are the generator of the illusion of the physical reality. This is a recurring theme in religion. In the section of this website entitled '', I demonstrate how Idealism works and show what is behind the illusion of physical reality.


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