During his eight years as an FBI agent and interrogator, Ali Soufan was deeply involved in dozens of interrogations in high profile terrorism investigations around the world. In 2002, his expertise interrogating members of al Qaeda led him to a CIA black-site in Thailand. There, Soufan and an FBI colleague conducted the first interrogations of Abu Zubaydah. These interrogations elicited "important actionable intelligence" concerning Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and Jose Padilla that the CIA would later claim it obtained by using its so-called "enhanced interrogation techniques," including waterboarding. When the CIA's interrogators began subjecting Abu Zubaydah to increasingly cruel and untested treatment such as forced nudity and sleep deprivation, Soufan was horrified. He reported the torture to his superiors in the FBI and was pulled out of the interrogations. Testifying before Congress in 2009, that the CIA's methods were "harmful, shameful, slower, unreliable, ineffective, and play directly into the enemy's handbook."


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