At Wesleyan University there is an official Cunt Club whose sole goal is to reclaim 'cunt', and Penn State University hosted an empowering Cuntfest in 2000. In a conference paper at the University of Southern Maine, Megan Goudey and Ashley Newton argued that the original etymology of 'cunt', which defined it in positive terms, should be a contemporary inspiration to women who seek to reappropriate the word: "the etymology of the word "cunt" in its origins has more positive connotations associated with it than negative ones. By recognizing and reclaiming the etymological connotation of the word "cunt," women can take back part of the language that keeps them in their socially determined subordinate position. By recognising that words have socially created meanings, women can influence other women and inspire them to work collectively to bring back the positive imagery associated with "cunt" and other harmful words. By re-appropriating and converting the meaning of common slang, women can create a language for themselves" (2004).


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