One may feel compelled to look at philosophy in a rather biased viewpoint, as it normally does not yield conclusive results. Philosophy fails to produce definitive results as it remains on the level of conceptual analysis, novel ideas and critical scrutiny. However as Russell maintains, philosophy is valuable as it helps to explain the obvious vagueness that philosophical answers pose. Thus if any questions arise that cannot be explained with definite answers, philosophizing helps comprehend their complexity. There is the possibility of philosophical questions transforming into scientific truths once they are answered and as Russell continues to note, there is likely hood that some of the scientific truths that stand today might have began as philosophical inquests. It is thus a deceptive notion to think that philosophy never entirely produced any positive results throughout its history. In the modern world there still remains many questions of interest that are not answered. Such questions such as the neurological foundations of the human brain or the extent and magnitude of the universe remain without a definite answer and it is only through philosophizing that we normally broaden our perspectives and become enlightened.


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