I use acrylic glazing medium to thin the inks as it gives me time to work into the nooks and crannies of the porous materials I use, before the ink becomes too dry to wipe off, thus becoming blotchy. It also simultaneously seals the inks. (I make mini paper mache mask pins, (and full size masks), jewelry from shells and other found objects at the beach; and Metals.) With inks on metal jewelry, I’ve used Ren. Wax as a temporary sealant before but worry about how quickly it wears off with use; so, will have to investigate glazing medium on the metal too. Someone mentioned fingernail polish, I’ve done that too. Here’s the catch, I’m pretty sure anything layered on a metal surface unless it’s torch or kiln fired enamel, would probably, eventually wear off. Just conjecture. But what about the ultraviolet lights people put their nails under while drying? Perhaps a little time under a light source would help the polish or glazing medium seal into the metal just a wee bit longer? We need a chemist. Best of luck to all explorers.


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