heavenly) matters
Semper servire praesto - Always read to serve
Semper servire praesto - Ever read to serve
Semper sic - Always thus
Semper sidera votum - The heavens always my wish
Semper sitiens - Always thirsty
Semper spero meliora - I constantly hope for better things
Semper susum - Always upwards
Semper ubi sub ubi ubique - Always wear underwear everywhere
Semper verus - Always true
Semper victor - Always conqueror
Semper vigilans - Always watchful
Semper viidis - Always flourishing
Semper virens - Always flourishing
Semper virescens - Always flourishing
Semper virescit virtus - Virtue always flourishes
Semper virtute vivo - I always live by virtue
Semper virtuti constans - Always constant to virtue
Senatus populusque romanus - The senate and Roman people
Senatus populusque romanus (SPQR) - The Senate and the Roman people
Sensu lato - Broadly speaking
Sensu stricto, nullo metro compositum est - Strictly speaking, it doesn't rhyme
Sentio aliquos togatos contra me conspirare - I think some people in togas are plotting against me
Sepulto viresco - I revive from my burial
Sequens (seq.) - The following (one)
Sequens mirabitur aetas - The following age will be amazed
Sequentia (seqq.) - The following (ones)
Sequitando si giunge - By following he comes up
Sequitur patrem non passibus œquis - He follows his father, but not with equal steps
Sequitur vestigia patrum - He follows the footsteps of his ancestors
Sequitur victoria forteis - Victory follows the brave
Sequor - I follow
Sequor nec inferior - I follow, but am not inferior
Sera deshormais hardi - He will be always courageous
Seriatim - One after another in order
Seringapatam - Serigapatam
Sermoni consona facta - Deeds agreeing with words
Sero sed serie - Late but in earnest
Serpentes velut et columbœ - As serpents and doves
Serva jugum - Keep the yoke
Serva jugum sub jugo - Keep the yoke under the yoke
Serva me, servabo te - Save me and I will save you.


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